Color’ado® city stadiums: maximum versatility in minimum space!


Color’ado® city stadiums: maximum versatility in minimum space!

With an area of no more than 24x13 metres, the game can begin!

Color’ado® Multisports allows the safe and unrestricted practice of some fifteen sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, ball tennis, roller-hockey, ping-pong, table football, fitness etc.

In the middle of nature or in a residential area, in a leisure center or a holiday club, Color’ado® Multisports opens new spaces for freedom, sport and activity.

Color’ado® Multisports is at home in all environments thanks to its highly modular system (dimensions, themes, decors, colours, materials, options etc.)

Surface treatment

  • Hot galvanisation to protect the inside and outside of tubes from corrosion
  • Polyester powder coating for a particularly strong finish and absolute evenness
  • Very wide choice of colours for adaptation to all environments



  • Very high safety, above applicable standards
  • Compliant with European standards and regulations
  • Equipment certified by an independent laboratory
  • Guaranteed long life