Youth sport trends: selfies, likes & acknowledgements

16 Nov 2018

Sport is popular especially among young people. The good weather is back, we want to get FIT again. It is important for our body, for our spirit and for our daily motivation, to be FIT. It is important for our body, for our spirit and for our daily motivation. But social networks also have a role to play in the sporting activity we take part in.

Sport: social networks make it a real lifestyle

Because it's more and more trendy and young people are crazy about it, the lifestyle go-to especially when the weather is nice. And you know what motivates young people the most? Taking pictures of themselves - selfies - when they busy doing a sporting activity. Yes, social networks and the various mobile apps have changed our relationship to sport: people love to show that they are sporty on social media and this helps them go further. This isn't a bad thing: playing sports is good for your health and anything that makes you want to do sports regularly gets our thumbs up. So today, with social networks such as Instagram and particularly Snapchat, which are purely image-based networks, there is a boom in sports selfies. For some time now, there has been a real upsurge in sporting activity.

Sports selfies: they change your life

It's true: the cause of this booming sporting lifestyle really is these sports selfies that we all see in our news feeds on social networks. And it's the stars who started to motivate us this way. Taking pictures of each sport session has obviously motivated more than a few people to do the same thing. As real sports coaches, stars and their lean shapes show us the way: sport is ideal for getting fit and having a perfect appearance. As a result, more and more people are playing sports and giving it their all. The hunt for likes is there to push us to our limits and the hunt for recognition is there to work as a real motivating factor.

Current mobile apps to get us active

Riding this wave, many mobile apps have been developed to help give us some motivation to get active. Some studies have shown that young people mostly play sports to change their physical appearance to then share images of themselves. It even seems that they are looking for interactive support during their efforts on social networks. People have virtual friends taking part and offering encouragement during activities, pushing them to go further. There are now applications that are specially dedicated to this interactive sport. And there are even social networks for sports like the famous Strava network. Sport has changed and rather than doing it for yourself, the new generations are doing particularly in order to shine in the eyes of others.

What activities are popular with young people?

We have already talked about this in several articles, but bodybuilding is very popular among younger people, especially through disciplines such as Street Workout or CrossFit.

Based on bodybuilding activities, these sporting activities can be practiced indoors or outdoors as well as on our outdoor fitnessequipment. These are sports that are all the rage among young people and can you guess why? Because - among other things - they let you take incredible photos.