Multisports: a SPORTS meeting place

16 Nov 2018


Baptised "City-stadium Color'ado" Husson multisport are having a field day. This is for good reason: they are spaces where young people often meet up. City-stadiums are thus living spaces where sports culture and social connections are the catchwords.

Urban facilities

It is true that sport in town can sometimes be something of an obstacle course. Take the example of football or any other team sport: a game can be partly improvised in the street but the space isn't really suitable. It might not be as much fun as in a place especially designed for it.

With Husson's Multisports City-Stadium spaces, football, handball or roller-hockey matches have no limit. Multisports pitches are not only urban amenities for playing team sports in the city. They are also places where young people like to meet and spend time: sporty and non-sporty types meet to have fun together.

An adapted space

Husson Multisports are specially designed to adapt to the environment they are part of. Their design is especially adapted to each project to ensure a perfect aesthetic appearance. City-stadium spaces are also truly versatile places which can accommodate all kinds of sporting activities such as football, handball, volleyball, roller-hockey or football-tennis. But that's not all: the pitches are also accessible for sports such as fitness and outdoor fitness. Simply playing team sports is not therefore the only reason to be on a Multisports pitch. These spaces are also suitable for the features of each of the sports practices which could take place there. Grids designed to hold balls for example, posts that last or even goals that allow several sports to be played, complete freedom of access, conformity with all current standards, adaptable dimensions, etc.
These are totally versatile places that allow young people to practice a sport safely in a space specially designed for them.

Multisports: showcasing sport

Friendly atmosphere and fair play, sport in City-Stadium spaces is welcoming for all. No matter how sporty the people are who go there: the goal is to have fun. Team spirit and the pleasure of playing are the thrill for those who practice a sport.