A stand for your shows

16 Nov 2018



Accommodating spectators at a theatre requires special attention.
We must ensure the audience's comfort: the quality of the seat, optimal visibility, safety, access for people with reduced mobility, etc. These are all criteria to be considered when choosing a stand.
Husson are specialists in the design of stands and terraces. Here they give some tips to properly fit out your room. 

Fixed or telescopic stand?

An audience isn't always accommodated in the same way. It depends on whether you have a dedicated theatre or instead a gym, for example, that you decide to fit out for a show.
From one space to another, the facilities may vary, but we must never lose sight of the fact that the most important thing is to be able to accommodate spectators in the best possible conditions.
A fixed stand is ideal for rooms dedicated to shows. It allows you to have predetermined numbers of rows and seats, which are totally appropriate for the room. Whether for a theatre, a dance hall, an auditorium or a concert hall, a fixed stand can offer you an unlimited number of solutions to accommodate an audience. A fixed stand is functional, durable and requires little maintenance.
A telescopic stand gives you a flexible room infrastructure. The option to gauge the size of the audience means you can have a stand that can range from single capacity to double capacity, depending on the nature of your event. It offers the same benefits and comfort as a fixed stand, but can also be fully folded away, which is ideal when you are putting on a standing or mixed standing/sitting show.
Your room's range of uses can then vary depending on the event that is to be organised there. You can easily go from sports use to organising a concert, a dance show or organising a wedding without any difficulty. The stand moves and adapts according to use.
These stands are fully automated and versatile and easy to alter.
The Husson design office will advise you in the design of your fixed or telescopic stand, to give you the best choice and great freedom in construction.

A complete range of equipment

Equipped with armchairs, upholstered benches (with or without backrests), a choice of upholstery and accessories, Husson stands offer a variety of possible fittings to better customise your project and guarantee top level audience accommodation.

Safety standards

 Whether for a fixed or telescopic stand, your entire venue must guarantee suitable accommodation for the audience. The safety standards in the design of the stands are there to ensure this optimal equipment design.
Husson grandstands comply with NF EN 13200-1, 13200-3 and 13200-5 standards. They are also certified to EN 1090 and they are the guarantee of a secure and comfortable project for your audience.

Design, manufacture and assembly

 Husson makes each stand (fixed or telescopic) uniquely. Your needs are studied and analysed with precision to offer a solution that is appropriate for the configuration of your room.
Our design office will provide you with the advice and information you need to make the right choice.
The stand will then be entirely produced and designed in our manufacturing facility in France.
An assembly team made up of experienced professionals will ensure the complete installation of the stand and the fixing of the seats. Your equipment will be delivered turnkey, to give you complete satisfaction.

To choose Husson is to choose a specialist with great experience in the field of tribunes.